Pride Campaign 2021
@Postmates + Uber 

Art Direction
Design Guidance
Digital Creative
Billboard Design

Led Postmates’ Pride campaign as art director and design lead. This campaign, which was held all over LA, was the motif of the overall campaign by the story of Cooper Do-nuts that occurred in 1959, Los Angeles. Based on the concept of “Stonewall before Stonewall”, I collaborated with the Milk agency and I.O. to cast a total of 6 LGTBQIA+ models, and filmed in the LA studio.

As a design lead, designed +50 prints and the digital billboard in the LA area, and also created all aspects of the campaign website including mobile, CRM marketing design, app banners, and press assets. Also, participated in selecting and retouching photos in collaboration with an in-house photographer, and produced motion graphics for the media channel.