589: Tell me, I am fat
@This American Life 

Art Direction
Book (Print) Design
Mobile Design

This project also was to understand and plan a type system through the flow of stories, themes, and observation. From the beginning for this project, I had to think a lot about the life of the fat people and their personality, and the ideal society they hope. And the biggest difficulty was how to show being overweight as a visual image because it can hurt obese people who are alienated from society. But through Lindy’s story, I could see that being overweight is just their appearance, and it does not mean the success or failure of something. The design goal was to show the theme and concept through typograPhy and type setting throughout the book, and all  the design elements, methods that appear in this book are connected through various formats and styles, colors and typefaces, and design philosophy even this bookdoes not have much of a glamor or grandeur, it has been made very honestly and pleasantly like—the title of this book.